What To Expect

When you work with Penny at Happy PAWZ,
you can expect compassion,  integrity, dedication, understanding, courtesy, partnership, and personalized service.

Your pet is a unique individual and a part of your family — and deserves to be treated as such.  Therefore I will view your pet as a whole, and as a vital part of your family.  I will work with you to help you better understand your pet and to develop a customized approach to meet your goals.

Penny’s Happy PAWZ methods are:

  • Gentle, no-force, no-fear
  • Respectful, compassionate, humane
  • Positive, based on cooperation and respect, using understanding instead of dominance
    Positive Approach = Positive Results

Teach Belly Lift WidePenny teaches a client how to improve Daisy’s digestion with the “Belly Lift”.

For private sessions, I work with you to create a unique approach. I’ll understand your pet as an individual and recognize its unique needs.  I’ll understand your unique needs.  Because no one knows your animal companion better than you, I’ll listen to these needs, then make suggestions. Together we’ll determine how to enhance your pet’s well being and help you and your pet live a happier, healthier, calmer life.

We’ll work at your home when possible, where you and your pet are more comfortable and where many of the concerns are more obvious.  For concerns outside the home, we’ll decide together on the best places to work.  For distance clients and sessions, we will communicate via phone or Skype.

You will learn how to understand and influence your pet in a way that develops trust, increases effective communication, enhances health, changes inappropriate behavior and creates a happier, healthier pet and relationship with you and your family.

The foundation of my work is mind-body communication.  Your dog’s mind, body & emotions are intricately intertwined. Each depends on the other, and each affects the other. Problems in one area may show up as concerns in another, just as it does with humans. For instance, hidden pain is a major cause of behavior concerns.

That is why I use Happy PAWZ’s holistic approach. By looking at your pet as a whole and using positive, natural methods and products, I can help you establish, or re-establish, mental, physical, and emotional balance and harmony. Concerns and problems, whether simple or complex, long-standing or new, can be addressed and resolved easier and faster.

One powerful tool for mind-body communication is Tellington TTouch Training®, a unique method of animal care and training that helps you and your pet learn a calmer, more balanced way of life. TTouch® techniques impact Physical, Mental, and Emotional Well-Being.  Gentle touch and movement exercises are designed to reduce stress and build confidence, improving even the most difficult problems and enhancing the quality of your pet’s life – and your life with your pet.  Other tools include: Nutrition Advice; Homeopathy; Bach Flower Essences; Pheromones; Lifestyle and Home Environment Management Techniques.

Services are also available via phone and Skype.

Groups may contact me to set up a lecture/demonstration or workshop.

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