What is TTouch®?

Tellington TTouch Training® is a method of using body work and movement exercises to positively influence your pet’s physical, mental, and emotional well being.

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The foundation of my work is the Tellington TTouch Method®, a unique method of animal care and training that helps you and your pet learn a calmer, more balanced way of life.

The gentle touch and movement exercises are designed to reduce stress and build confidence, improving even the most difficult problems and enhancing the quality of your pet’s life – and your life with your pet!

You will learn how to understand and influence your animal companion in a way that develops trust, increases effective communication, can change inappropriate behavior and creates a happier, healthier relationship with you and your family.

“Tellington TTouch Training® impacts the physical, mental and emotional aspects of all beings.”

is a respectful, humane and compassionate way of working with animals and their humans.
is informative, effective and influences many issues.
helps improve relationships between animals and their people.
uses innovative techniques.
is FUN!

TTouch ground work and TTouchesTTouch® is a respectful, humane, compassionate way of working with animals and their humans

Tellington TTouch Training® is a method developed by internationally recognized animal expert Linda Tellington-Jones.  It grew from her work with horses and her desire to help them learn better ways of behavior and wellness.  Based on the principles of mind-body communication, TTouch® uses body work (TTouches), body wraps, and movement exercises.  These gentle, non-invasive TTechniques influence the body and the mind, promoting self-awareness, self-confidence and optimal wellness.

TTouch® is informative, effective, and influences many issues.

The goal of TTouch® is to achieve or reestablish balance: Physical balance, Mental balance, and Emotional balance.  Through the use of gentle body work (TTouches) and movement exercises, TTouch® helps to: release tension and increase body awareness; reduce stress; create a calm, attentive, focused state of consciousness; and influence habitual patterns of tension and posture by giving new information to the nervous system.

This allows the animal to be handled without provoking typical fear responses; to relax and learn to make better choices; and to build confidence.  As a result, physical conditions* are generally improved and problem behaviors are often eliminated. These techniques work in conjunction with veterinary care and traditional training, and are not a substitute for either.

TTouch® methods enhance communication between humans and animals, helping to better set expectations for behavior and improve relationships.

Physical Concerns* may include acute or chronic issues:

  • injuries
  • recovery from surgery
  • mobility
  • chronic conditions (joint disease; digestive disease; allergies, etc)
  • aging concerns (arthritis; incontinence; masses and growths; etc)
  • routine procedures (trimming nails; brushing teeth; cleaning ears; administering medication)

Problem Behaviors may include:

  • fears – loud noises; vet visits; strangers
  • reactivity – to other animals or to people
  • leash pulling
  • jumping
  • excessive barking
  • excessive licking, chewing or grooming

TTouch® helps improve relationships between animals and their people.

TTouch® Deepens Bonds. It helps strengthen the connection between animals and humans.  It deepens the relationship.  Through its gentle approach, it builds a relationship of trust.

TTouch® uses innovative techniques.

Techniques used are a combination of any of the following:

  • TTouches – gentle, light-pressure movements that “push the skin” to bring awareness to specific body areas and stimulate the mind-body connection
  • Body Wraps – elastic bandages applied in a variety of ways to promote body awareness
  • Movement Exercises (Ground Work) – specialized leading exercises using harnesses and leashes in unconventional ways

These techniques promote awareness, provide new information, and change habitual patterns.  Their effect is to positively influence behavior and health.

Penny teaches the Super Balance Leash to a client
(photo by Linda Troup)

Touch® is Fun!

Animals enjoy being able to relax and learn in a comfortable, non-stressful way.  Humans enjoy learning simple techniques that enable them to better connect with their animals and help with their concerns.  The simple techniques make it fun to do, and fun to watch the wonderful changes in your pet!

“If you have time to pet your dog, you have time to do TTouch®.”Debby Potts, TTouch® Instructor

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