Pepper Recovered from Eye Injury

Pepper, a female Boston Terrier, was 10 years old when I worked with her.  She had been clawed by a cat, and had a major laceration of her right cornea.  A veterinary ophthalmologist told Pepper’s guardians that the only solutions were to either keep her on a high level of pain medication and restricted activity for the rest of her life, or to remove the eye.  Because Pepper had a heart murmur, she could not undergo the surgery without expensive tests.  Her family had concerns about the risks and about the cost, which were pretty prohibitive in their current situation.

I was visiting for the holidays, and was willing to do TTouch® to see if it could help Pepper.  I worked with her for three consecutive days, starting with a very short session and progressing to a little more work as she was able to tolerate it.  In addition to addressing the problem with her eye, I also did work to improve her appetite and digestion, both of which were being adversely affected by the pain medication.

The second day, after just one, short session, there was very noticeable improvement.  Her eye was less swollen and less filled with blood, her appetite had improved, and she was more energetic.  This improvement was even greater after the second session.  I returned home after the third session and did not see Pepper again that year.

Pepper Front Cropped SmallestPepper before getting TTouch® help for an eye laceration

Several weeks after working with her, I received this letter:

Dear Penny,

I wanted to give you that overdue update on Pepper’s condition.  As you know, back at Christmas, veterinarians had her on pain medication; and wanted to remove her eye and sew the lid shut.  They didn’t repair the laceration on the cornea. The laceration would open, and her eye would fill with blood and fluid and swell, causing her pain.  I continued the TTouch® you taught me until Jan 1st, when she went to Bill’s (the boys’ father’s house) for 2 weeks.  I guess her recovery was miraculous.  When I got her back on January 15, the eye laceration was healed. The eye ball kind of shrunk down real small and lost most of its pigment, quite a contrast to the big, dark brown, bulging eye on the left side.   Bill had taken her off the medications.  Now, as my son Paul says, she is back to her happy little dog self again!

Her depth perception is off.  She occasionally bumps her head on door frames, and she startles easily if you approach her too quietly or suddenly on the right.

She came through it like a trooper.  I still feel bad that in her old age, she had to suffer that trauma.

I’m glad you found your passion with those dogs.

We love you,
Carol & sons

More than two years after the incident, Pepper was doing well.  There had been no recurrances of the problem with her eye, and her behavior was completely normal for her.  At 12 years old, she was a little slower and showed some signs of aging.  She continued to have occasional problems with her depth perception, but was otherwise healthy, playful, energetic and appeared to be quite happy.