Houli’s Behavior Changes for the Better

Houli is a Soft-Coated Wheaton Terrier.  He was 5 yearsold when I started working with him and his guardian, Mary PS of Mahomet, IL.  Mary had this to say:

“The work we are doing with Penny is really great.  Of all the things we’ve tried to help our dog Houli with his behavior issues, this has helped the most.  Our friends and family said they saw a lot of positive changes very quickly.  Our vet also noticed a lot of changes.  He wanted to read Penny’s report from our first few sessions and learn more about the work she had done.”

Houli Water cropped small

A Long-Awaited Moment:

One day, I received this message from Mary:

“Penny, I had the funniest thing happen with Houli the other day.  You know that he is leash aggressive toward other dogs.  I have worked with “experts” for years to try to change this behavior with no success.  We have been working with you for what, less than a year now?  Within the past few months, I have found that I can walk Houli by dogs that are inside fences and he usually has no response to them, where he used to growl and jump at them.  Any more, he just keeps walking and will look at them, but doesn’t really care that they are there.

“We still have problems passing other dogs out walking.  However, the other day on our walk we encountered a lady with a Cairn Terrier.  Her Terrier had the same response as Houli with other dogs on lead.  He barked, jumped, growled, you name it.  Well, for the first time, Houli didn’t respond.  Instead, Houli kept walking.  He would stop, look at the other dog, walk, stop and look at the other dog.  It was as though he was saying to the other dog “what’s all the fuss?”  I can’t thank you enough for that moment!  I have looked forward to that happening for 5 1/2 years!”