“Pepper’s Recovery Was Miraculous”

I wanted to give you that overdue update on Pepper’s condition.  As you know, (because of the corneal laceration) veterinarians had her on pain medication and wanted to remove her eye.  I continued the TTouch you taught.  I guess her recovery was miraculous.  The eye laceration healed. She is off the medications.  She is back to her happy little dog self again!

— Carol R & sons, Cincinatti, OH
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“Houli Has Been Helped the Most by Our Work With Penny”

“The work we are doing with Penny is really great.  Of all the things we’ve tried to help our dog Houli with his behavior issues, this has helped the most.

“Houli has always been leash aggressive toward other dogs.  The other day on our walk we encountered a lady with a Cairn Terrier. For the first time, Houli didn’t respond; instead, he kept walking. He would stop and look at the other dog.  It was as though he was saying to the other dog “what’s all the fuss?”  I can’t thank Penny enough for that moment that I have looked forward to for 5 1/2 years!”

— Mary P-S, Mahomet, IL
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“Bryce Improved Rapidly”

“Penny has really helped my canine companions.  Bryce, my fearful dog, started improving rapidly once Penny started working with him.  I am much more aware of what is going on with each of my canine companions and better able to help them all.”

— Kathy M – LeRoy, IL
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