I learned a great technique to calm myself – and later my pets – in an unexpected and unorthoox way.  It was a beautiful summer day in Minnesota, and I was attending my first day of training for the Tellington TTouch® Method. Returning from lunch, a young driver hit the rear of my rental car.

One of my passengers was an experienced practitioner and training assistant. While we waited for the police to arrive, she taught us all how to do Tellington TTouch® Ear Slides, also known as the Ear TTouch. Immediately we all felt better. They helped us to calm down, breathe easier, and handle the situation better.

Ear Slides Help Pets Relax, Be Calm, and More

Ear Slides Help Pets Relax -and much more!

Ear Slides are often the first technique I teach. Clients find it especially good to help their pets be calmer or less reactive.

They are done in a specific way to have the desired effect on your pet. See the resource links below or contact me to learn how to do them.

Ear Slides help:

  • Dogs, cats, and other pets (and people):
    • Be calmer.
    • Be more aware, think better, and make better behavior choices.
    • Breathe normally, which also helps with calmness and making better choices.
  • Fears:
    • Fireworks, Thunderstorms, and Loud Noises.
    • Vet Visits.
  • Grooming, Nail Trimming and Ear Cleaning.
  • Improve health and wellness by stimulating hundreds of acupressure points that connect to every organ and body function, including the brain.
  • Improve digestion, immune system, circulation, and blood pressure.
  • Regulate body temperature, especially for an overheated pet.
  • Performance.
  • Overall Wellness.

And they are Easy to Learn and Easy to Do!

Buddy, our Australian Cattle Dog mix, turned into a terrified wimp when he needed his blood drawn. Read how Ear Slides helped Buddy overcome his needle phobia and made veterinarian visits pleasant and easy.

Read this explanation of How to do Ear Slides. 

Watch this Video Demonstration of Ear Slides by fellow practitioner Elaine Garley.

Want more help?  Call or email me to learn how, when, and where to do Ear Slides to best help you and your pet.



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