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A Lot to be Thankful For

 A full cornucopia

Happy Thanksgiving
to wonderful people and pets

It’s Thanksgiving, and we’re being asked to once again look at what we are thankful for.
That can be difficult, especially if times have been rough or challenging.  Our family has certainly had its share of challenges this year, from nearly losing our dog Buddy to a bleeding tumor early in the year, to my husband Ed’s surgery last week and the ongoing treatment he’ll need.
At the same time, many good things have happened.  That is important to remember, and it’s even more important to focus on the good things that are all around me right now.
So, this Thanksgiving, I am grateful for many things.
I’m thankful that my husband Ed’s surgery was a success, that his treatment will be equally successful, and that he is still in my life as my partner, my love, and the greatest person in my life.
I’m thankful for Buddy and Murphy, our two dogs.  They are our true companions, friends, and joy.  At times they are frustrating; most others they are a  pleasure, fun, and comfort.  They are also my greatest teachers, giving me lessons about life, living in the moment, and feeling joy.  They continue to amaze me and to teach me so much about how to live with and care for the incredible beings that are our pets. 
Perhaps the greatest presents they give are lessons on how to live in the present and how to be present in the moment.  In their lives, the concept of future doesn’t exist and the past is, at best, a vague memory.  They live for now, savoring every experience as it happens.  They are fully engaged and present for each moment and each event.  The best gift I can give to them is my presence, being fully engaged with them and giving them my undivided attention.  Okay, they may sometimes say that food is an even better present, but the truth is that they’ll wait a long time for food if they are getting positive attention.  It’s easy to get caught up in life’s “stuff” – the hustle and bustle, the must-dos, the challenges – and forget to be present in the moment and present with our wonderful animal companions.  So I am very thankful that they have good ways to remind me of their need (and mine) for that.
Another gift that Buddy and Murphy gave me is each of you – my friends, colleagues, clients, and students, and all of your fantastic pets.  The pets’ teachings led me into this profession, and subsequently to each of you.  I am thankful to know each of you and to share our passions and our mutual gifts.
This Thanksgiving, may you all find something to appreciate and be grateful for.  May you have a joyful time with your pets and families.  Live in the moments, and savor each one.

Penny Watkins-Zdrojewski
Pet Wellness Coach and Holistic Practitioner