Happy PAWZ Pet Wellness provides custom support for pet health and behavior concerns.

Happy PAWZ Pet Wellness Coaching and Holistic Practice teaches you the tools to:
transform pet health worries into pet wellness; and
transform from unwanted pet behaviors
to a well-behaved pet.
When you are tired, fed up and at your wit’s end about your pet’s behavior issues or worried about his health, Happy PAWZ will help you find solutions.

Are you ready to start making a difference in your pet’s life —
and your life?

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Happy PAWZ is Penny A Watkins-Zdrojewski. I offer in-home and distance private sessions as well as workshops and classes. I view your pet as a valued family member.  And I view your pet as a whole, working to improve mind, body, emotions and spirit.

Let’s work together to Improve Your LIfe with Your Pet! 

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I know what it’s like to be embarrassed by your pet’s behavior, to be stressed out by what he is doing, and to worry about his health.  My two rescue dogs motivated me to become a Pet Wellness Coach.  The skills I’ve learned help them every day.  I can teach you these skills and help you and your pet.

Through Happy PAWZ, extensive training, vast knowledge and skills, I teach you ways to supplement your pet’s veterinary care and training.  I provide custom, individual solutions for behavior and health problems.  The goal is for your pet to reach her best possible level of  wellness – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  The gentle approaches can help you improve what you want with your pet and restore your peace of mind.
All of my methods and techniques are positive, no-force, no-fear, no-pain.

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Happy PAWZ unleashes the power of mind-body integration and its unique ability to enhance learning and wellness. Customized, holistic solutions combine specialized training, understanding your pet’s language and motivation, approaches to health, and environmental management.

Mind-body integration and Learning creates changes in the whole animal and can establish or re-establish physical, emotional, and mental balance and harmony.

Health, behavior, and emotions are intricately connected, and each can affect the other. Therefore, addressing your pet as a whole can provide better, long-term solutions for even the most complex concerns and challenges.

Natural, holistic, integrative methods and products for greater well-being, health, and longevity include:

  • Tellington TTouch Method®
  • Nutrition Education
  • Homeopathy
  • Bach Flower Essences
  • Pheromones
  • Lifestyle and Home Environment Management Techniques


Pepper Front Cropped Smallest“Veterinarians wanted to remove Pepper’s eye.  With the TTouch® Penny did and taught me, the eye laceration closed. She is off pain medications and back to her happy little dog self again!”
– Carol R and Sons, Cincinnati, OH
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Positive, gentle, no-force, no-fear approaches will help you to:

  • Better understand your pet’s physical, emotional and behavioral needs
  • Help your pet enjoy better health, be less stressed, more confident, and perform better
  • Reduce your stress and worry about your pet
  • Understand what you pet is trying to tell you and communicate better
  • Build a deeper rapport with your pet
  • Integrate your new pet into your home
  • Help your pet with changes, such as moving, a new baby, divorce, or death

Let’s work together to Improve Your LIfe with Your Pet!

Houli Water cropped small“The work we are doing with Penny is really great.  Of all the things we’ve tried to help our dog Houli with his behavior issues, this has helped the most.”
— Mary PS, Mahomet, IL read more

Sessions and information for
Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

Bryce n Kathy “Penny has really helped my canine companions.  I am much more aware of what is going on with each of them and better able to help them all.”
— Kathy M – LeRoy, IL read more

My holistic, natural approaches and methods are customized to meet your pet’s needs, your needs, and your overall goals. Each pet and each person are viewed as worthy individuals, and treated humanely, compassionately, and with great respect.

Daisy n Me Crop2Penny A. Watkins-Zdrojewski
Pet Wellness Coach and Holistic Practitioner
“The Pet Transformation Goddess”

Let’s work together to Improve Your Life with Your Pet!
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